Swimming lessons diploma of the Swim-ABC

The swimming lessons for the ABC trajectory are only for young people and adults.

For children up to and including 12 years old click here.

There are classes on Thursday evenings from 20:05 to 20:45 in the Tongelreep, on Tuesday evenings from 20:05 to 21:3 and on Wednesday evening from 21:15 to 22:00 in the ir. Ottenbad . If you already have a diploma and you want to obtain more diplomas, that is of course also possible.

The National Swimming Diplomas are issued nationally by the National Swimming Safety Council and consist of the Swimming ABC, the Swimming Certificates, National Snorkeling Diplomas and the Swimming Skills Diplomas. The Swimming ABC is the basis of good swimming education. You meet the National Swimming Safety Standard if you have the National Swimming Diploma C from the National Swimming Safety Council. Swimming safety can only be maintained through practice. It is important to keep swimming. This is possible with the Swimming skills diplomas after the Swimming ABC.

Swimming diploma A
You master skills for a pool without attractions. Swimming Diploma A is the stepping stone to Swimming Diploma B and the complete Swimming ABC.

Swimming diploma B
You master skills for a swimming pool with attractions, such as a (whitewater) slide, a wave pool and a rapid. Swimming diploma B is the intermediate step to Swimming diploma C = National Standard Swimming Safety.

Swimming diploma C = National Standard Swimming Safety
You master skills for a swimming pool with attractions and in open water without currents or large waves, such as recreational pools and wider ditches/canals (except in the sea). With this diploma you meet the National Swimming Safety Standard.

Swimming skills 1, 2 and 3: after the Swimming ABC you can further increase your swimming skills and swimming safety with the Swimming skills diploma’s

The contribution for swimming lessons is € 235.20 per year. To be paid in 12 monthly installments of € 19.60, preferably by direct debit.
When entering into membership, a one-time € 12.50 registration fee will be charged. The registration fee only needs to be paid at the start of the lessons.
Diploma costs: € 12 per diploma.
The membership is entered into for a minimum of 1 month.
By registering as a member, you are obliged to pay the membership fee. As a member of PSV C.R.E.Z. Are you also a member of the KNZB?
You will receive a membership card which must be shown at every visit to the relevant bath, this card is strictly personal. This card entitles you to access the general meeting of members and must be presented in order to exercise the right to vote.
One must adhere to the regulations of: De Tongelreep, the Ir. Ottenbad and that of P.S.V. swimming sports.
Membership can be canceled by sending an email to: secretariaat-crez@psvzwemsporten.nl

Sign up for a free trial lesson or mail to secretariaat-crez@psvzwemsporten.nl